WSET 4: The Diploma

“Remember that you will never know everything about wine, but the more you learn the greater your pleasure will be and the better you’ll be able to share your passion with others.”
FullSizeRenderThese are the words I have chosen to live by. And in saying so, I have decided to keep studying! THAT’S RIGHT! I have decided to go full force and register for WSET Level 4: THE DIPLOMA!!! It will be a long, wild, hard ride, but I am HOOKED and nothing will stop me now!

It is too hilarious to think that 3 short years ago, all I knew was, some wine was red and some was white. Now, my mind is full of the many wine regions around the world, varietals, vines, climates, soils, and all aspects of wine.

After obtaining WSET Level 3, I knew I wanted to continue and here I am once again ready to put my head in the books and my lips on the glass! (I  don’t know what I enjoy more- really!)

I should also mention I am enrolled in a 2 day course in January 2016 featuring Canadian wine, “Canadian Wine Scholar Program” It is offered by the same company I took WSET with, Fine Vintage. Since the Canadian wine market is so small in comparison with the rest of the worlds markets, it is not of main focus in the WSET courses as to why it has become its own special program. At the end of the 2 day period in January (exam included) I hope to become a Canadian Wine Scholar and proudly use the letters C.W.S after my name.

Getting back on track to the Diploma program, this is a long, 2 year commitment.


CaptureThe course will be led by IWEG (Independent Wine Education Guild) and is broken down into 6 units. The first and second unit will begin in August 2016. I still have a while to go, but I need to get my head in the game and start tasting and evaluating wine again! (the proper way)

Pray for me everyone! Again, this will be a long, wild, hard ride, but I am ready and I cannot wait to achieve the next chapter of my life as my passion keeps growing!

My first plan of action: watch SOMM with a huge bowl of popcorn!

(If you have not seen this documentary, it is a MUST see!! Available on Netflix!)


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