Old World vs New World

Another great wine class in the books! This past weekend, I led a group from my wine club through a Old World vs New World wine series and it was fabulous!

I decided to change up the layout of how the class was run and set it up as a blind tasting in 3 rounds; tasting a wine from a old world region beside a wine from a new world region. Some of them were tricky, but by guiding the guests through characteristics of wine that is produced by which regions, they were great at guessing which was which! I was very impressed!

Wine made in “Old Word Regions” are European and follow more traditional styles of wine making, grape growing, and production that represents the total terroir of the region.

Wine made in “New World Regions” generally come from North and South American regions as well as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and they tend to be more consumer friendly, manipulated, fruit froward and higher in alcohol.

The class loved seeing the real differences in the wines side by side!

This was the line up for what we tried

Lamberti Pinot Grigio vs Flat Roof Manor Pinot Grigio



The Lamberti has a straw colour with pearly tints, bouquet of exotic fruits and wild flowers,
pure pleasure. While the Flat Roof Manor showed more intense fruit flavours with an emphasis on peach, apricot and some lychee with a pale yellow colour.

We paired these wines with Boursin goat cheese and sea salt chocolate.



Norton Barrel Select Malbec vs Gariottin Malbec Cahors AOC



The Barrel Select Malbec is deep red in colour and has sweet tannins with ripe red fruit on the palate. In comparison, the Gariottin from France very earthy in style with notes of plum and blackberry fruit; followed by gripping tannins in the finish.

We paired these wines with Gouda cheese, fig jam, and sea salt chocolate.



Chateau Timberlay Cabernet/Merlot vs Nugan Uprising Cabernet Sauvignon



The Cabernet/Merlot blend tricked a lot of people because of the wonderful components the two varietals brought to each other. This French wine is a bright deep ruby colour and has aromas of candied red fruit, vanilla, spice, leather and is slightly oaked. However, when tasted next to the Nugan, it was clear, this overpowering cab with deep crimson and purple hues, complex palate of blackcurrant, chocolate and cassis with smooth velvety tannins was the wine from a New World region.

We paired these wines with old fort Cheddar cheese, salami and mild chorizo.

Again, it was a great evening and my guests left well fed, no longer thirsty and a little more educated!

I am planning on holding off classes until the new year as it is quite busy with the holidays! So once January hits, we will be back in the full swing!



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