Corks & Platters


Last night I encountered an incredible little local piece of heaven!

Corks and Platters opened this past June and caters to any sort of wine or local restaurant lover (looks like I might have found my new hotspot!)


Featuring wines only from Ontario, this small wine bar seats just under 15 people and provides quite the experience. Whether you choose to sit on the tree trunk bar stools, play chess with wine corks, or just enjoy their incredible, original decor, this place has a lot to offer!


What I found very refreshing was the knowledge and experience the Owner had! As I was waiting for my friend to join me, we had an amazing talk about the wines she carries, her educational background and where she has travelled in the wine world.

She was great at answering any questions customers had, recommending wine by giving full descriptions and characteristics and providing food pairings! She even made her own beef jerky!

I had a lovely time and so did my friend! I would definitely go back and recommend Corks and Platters to anyone who loves small local establishments!

There is no website yet so I have provided the address for you below! Check it out, you will NOT be disappointed!

Address: 2220 A Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 1E9



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