Ciao Belle Liberty Village

Our wine nights in Liberty Village keep getting better and keep getting bigger, which only means one thing- MORE WINE!

WL Ext3Last night, we had our third night at a local hot spot in Liberty Village, Williams Landing. A trendy, up-sale casual restaurant with an extensive menu of great food, caters to the residents of Liberty year round. It was the perfect choice to bring together our club members for this wine night.

Our group was set up in the back and we had a lot of space to mingle, sit and eat, and enjoy the ambience.

The theme this month was Italy, so naturally, each guest ventured out to their local LCBO (as we did have newcomers from the Fort
York, City Place and King Street areas join us) and chose a bottle of their favourite vino to bring.

I brbt Chianti Serristori by MA-CD- 750mLought a Chianti. The 2012 Serristori, is a predominately based Sangiovese with a very deep and bright ruby red colour. On the nose, it has an intense and complex bouquet, strong notes of ripe fruit (cherries and raspberries) and elegant floral hints. On the palate, this wine was full-bodied, soft and fruity, very savoury and well balanced. It paired well with many of the meats offered and the pasta and pizza! This Chianti is not available in Ontario, so I was fortunate enough to get it from one of our suppliers! It was great to share something you cant easily get here with the group!

It was really refreshing and exciting to see that 90% of guests were new faces! The change of venue and day of the week (Sunday) might have appealed to a different demographic which created an original guest list. The talented Chefs at William’s Landing prepared a special Italian style menu for our event, consisting of cheeses, meats, pastas and pizzas. The food was delicious and completely enjoyed by all of our attendees. As a backdrop, we had their glass encased wine racks that reached up to the ceiling. It was the perfect prop added to the evening.

I received outstanding feedback and today, I am happy to see many new members who joined The Liberty Village Wine Club!


Another successful event for the books and hopefully this led our guests to have a happy Monday (or not, depending on how much they drank!)

Ciao for now!


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