Finnegan the Mutt

What to do for a good friend for their birthday who LOVES wine and their dog!?

Make them their own wine label!

One of my best friend’s birthday is today and she is a fan of wine like myself. She also has the most adorable dog named Finnegan. He even has his own instagram page! I decided to get a custom wine label made for her birthday party! I picked a picture of Finnegan and created a the label on an amazing site called Grog Tags

You can also create beer labels!

It was easy to do and my friend LOVED the gift! I decided to name the wine “Lazy Pants” Shiraz and Pinot Grigio because Finny looked a little sleepy in the picture and I was able to insert my own descriptions onto the label as well!

I definitely recommend checking out the website and making your own! It is a wonderful and  personal gift and will make anyone’s day!

Beautiful BC

During the time I lived in BC, I experienced a new world outside of the one I was so familiar with back in Ontario.

(As a side note- For anyone who is thinking about leaving home, trying something new,  and completely alone, my advice to you- DO IT!!!! It will be the best thing you have ever done and you will not regret it. I met some of the most amazing people, discovered this passion for a world (of wine) I never knew existed, and really found myself. I know you may have heard this cliché, but the reality is that when you are off on your own, in a new place and are able to do whatever you want, you can become whoever you want to be.)

I had the opportunity of meeting winemakers, going to tastings, festivals, wine events, cooking frequent dinner with my girlfriends and pairing meals with the most outstanding wine. My favourite experience however, was my first visit to the Okanagan Valley. The Okanagan is Wine Country in BC, reaching from Okanagan Lake and extending into the United States. It is a magical, and surreal place with the most breathtaking vineyards and scenery. Not only was this my first trip to the Okanagan, but this was my first time to a wine country anywhere in the world! I am sure my friends who I travelled with can assure you that this was the climax in my career. I have never been in such awe and so in love with a place. It was from that instant, I knew the Wine Industry was where I wanted to be!

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